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~ Color Seer ~

~ Spring – Bringer of Joy ~

~ Certified Beautiful Self Color Essence Coach ~

~ Image & Brand Consultant ~

~ Graphic Designer ~

~ Essential Oil Expert ~

~ Yoga Teacher ~

Hey, beautiful beings!

I am a color seer — I see your inner light and energy and love to help you align it with your outer energy and self so you can shine it to the world. Empowering you with your unique embodied color magic so that you can make a difference in the lives of the people you serve is of ultimate importance to me.


My passion is to help you be seen and heard in the world!

Color has always been a love in my life. When I was young I wouldn't color with the crayons in the big new 64 crayon box. I would choose color combos to set up around my room just for the pure enjoyment of looking at them!

In my 20s I went to graphic design school and found another love in my life — design! And of course, color is a very integral part of design. While in school, my classmates and I would play drinking games to learn Pantone® color names and numbers. Learning is fun—right?!

And in the last 3 years, I've found my newest love — creating personal embodied color palettes for people! This is sooooo fun! Helping people see themselves and come to love their true authentic selves is pure joy! 


Bringing the color work and design and branding work has created a perfect alchemy in my business. 


Discovering your unique personal colors and blending them into your style, personal brand, and business brand brings harmony to it all and attracts your dream customers.


I help magical women entrepreneurs like you uplevel your image and brand so that you can connect with your dream clients and share their awesome gifts and talents with the world. 

I would love to partner with you to create an image and brand that feels authentically like YOU. 


Another facet of my is that I’m an advocate for wellness through the use of essential oils. I am very committed to essential oils and weave them into my imaging process. And, we can even create your signature scent to support you! 

Practicing and teaching Kundalini and Energy Medicine® yoga is a part of my life as well. The breathwork, meditation, and the practice of getting into the body also come in handy during the image work. Just a few breaths can center you back into your body and get out of your head.


I enjoy laughing with my friends, making imperfect pottery, art, and playing outdoors. I have done a podcast with my business bestie, Gina Garris and we have a great time while educating you about how to empower your life with the magic of essential oils. Find us at !


I am obsessed with personality quizzes, essential oil oracle readings, love watching movies at the theater WITH popcorn, and my forever passion is advocating for women in all areas of their lives and I'm a long-time member of Zonta International, and you can be too! Check out their website to see all the great things they do.


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