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Embodied Color Magic

Unlock Your Inner Magic with a Personalized Color Palette! Dive into a world where color becomes your superpower. Discover how a customized color palette can unleash your self-expression, boost your confidence, and set your unique magic free!


Be vibrant, be bold, be YOU!

Your Embodied Color Magic Package Includes:

  • Analyzing your unique colors

  • A physical personalized color palette

  • A guide explaining your palette, personal essence, and color psychology

  • One-on-one session to discover your sacred design principals

  • One-on-one session for Q&A

  • One-on-one session personalized for your specific desires

Investment $555.00

Mojca autumn_edited.png
Wendi H winter.png
Beverly C summer.png
"I feel 10 years younger when I wear my colors!"


Color Magic



VIP 2-Day Brand Magic Retreat

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